Fighting Ability

"FIGHTING".  Is that all Ving Tsun Kung Fu is about? 

How many practitioners of any martial art have to go out and prove their abilities?  Is this really our main goal in training Ving Tsun? 

At the Moy Yat Kung Fu Academy, fighting ability is really just a by-product of good kung fu training. For most people, learning how to fight is the only reason why they begin training in the first place. However, many will eventually come to believe that the fighting aspects become less important and will continue training for various other reasons - personal mastery, health benefits, etc. Many practitioners have found that the VT system is just something that is very interesting and fulfilling to learn. Their fascination by what the principles and concepts are trying to teach fuels their curiosity to further explore the art. For actual fighting ability, a student can stop their training after two solid years. VT is "overkill" when it comes to developing fighting abilities. The science, theories, and the solid training of an advanced VT student are more than enough to come out ahead in an average street fight.